March 6-9

Interviews & opinion from North American scholars:

Victor Ostapchuk: Don’t let Russia abuse Crimean history, contributed to The Globe and Mail

Frank Sysyn (video): Why is Crimea so important?

Dominique Arel: About Those ‘Fascists’ in Kyiv – Moscow floats groundless theories in bid to justify move into Crimea, Transitions Online

Bohdan NahayloThe Crimean Tatar factor, Kyiv Post

Marta DyczokStruggling to inform the world, Western News

Vitaly Chernetsky:

Timothy Snyder:

Alexander Motyl (quoted): Ukraine: Fretting about the old country, Newsweek

Highlights from other specialists in Europe and beyond:

Halyna CoynashRussian troops already deployed in mainland Ukraine, Human Rights in Ukraine

Sean Guillory (blog):

Anne ApplebaumRussia’s information warriors are on the march – we must respond, The Telegraph

Chrystia Freeland: Russia Has Already Lost the War, The New York Times


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