March 10-12

Joint Statement: Letter signed by dozens of academics worldwide: Statement of Concerned Scholars Regarding the Conflict in Ukraine, written by Juliet Johnson and Maria Popova of McGill University

Interviews & opinion from North American scholars:

Adrian Karatnycky, PBS Newshour: Can US use diplomacy to deter Russia’s moves in Ukraine?

Victor Ostapchuk, CTV News: Putin’s grip in Crimea

Nadia Diuk, PBS Newshour: What’s Russia’s ambition in Eastern Europe?

Oxana Shevel & Maria Popova, Foreign Policy: What Doesn’t Kill Ukraine

Alexander Motyl, Foreign Affairs: Is Losing Crimea a Loss?

Highlights from other experts in Europe and beyond:

Paul Goble, blog: Window on Eurasia: Putin’s Failure in Crimea

Andreas Umland, Voices of Ukraine: Nuclear Proliferation World-wide?

Otto Pohl, blog: Will there be pogroms against Crimean Tatars?

Halyna Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine: Putin’s Neo-Nazi Helpers

Mykola Riabchuk, Eurasianet: Ukraine would lose even more if Crimea remains only “formally” within Ukraine.


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