March 13-16

Alexander Motyl (blog):

Adrian Karatnycky:

Marta Dyczok & Taras Kuzio, Australian Public Radio, Rear Vision: Ukraine 

Marta Dyczok, Western News: Cutting through Ukraine disinformation

Dominique Arel, CTV News: Crimea referendum is ‘bogus’ as all roads lead east

Other specialists from Ukraine and beyond

Olexiy Haran, The Guardian: Don’t believe Russian propaganda about Ukraine’s ‘fascist’ protesters

Mustafa Nayyem, YouTube: EuroMaidan lecture in Geneva

Otto Pohl, blog: Crimea and Russian National Minorities Elsewhere

Halya Coynash:

Maidan Translations:

Paul Goble, blog: Ukrainian ‘Younger Brothers’ Proving More Mature than Russian ‘Elders,’ Shishkin Says


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