March 17-19

Laada Bila­niuk, blog: Ethnicity does not determine political allegiance: Breaking through the stereotypes about Ukraine

Jennifer Carroll, Yale Journal: Ukraine’s EuroMaidan Isn’t Just for the Right

Alexander Motyl, CNN:

Timothy Snyder:

Vitaly Chernetsky, quoted on The Blaze: New Sanctions May Not Be Enough to Stop Kremlin’s Move – But One Not Yet Proposed Could Be

Nadia Diuk, interview on CNN: The Crimea Vote 

Marta Dyczok & Mikhail Molchanov, TVO panel: The Agenda with Steve Paikin

Marta Dyczok & Taras Kuzio, quoted by ABC Australia: Ukraine’s history of conflict 

Other specialists from Ukraine and beyond

Anton Shekhovtsov, blog: Fascism, “borderless as our lands, and red as our blood”

Paul Goble, blog:

Volodymyr Paniotto, quoted in Fivethirtyeight blog: Many Signs Pointed to Crimea Independence Vote, But Polls Didn’t 

Otto Pohl, blog: The First Pogrom Victim

Halya Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine: Information Channels at War 


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