March 24-26

Alexander Motyl, blog: Is Putin next? 

Oxana Shevel, Washington Post: To strengthen claims on Crimea, Russia and Ukraine woo Crimean Tatars

William Risch, interview on CCTV: Impressions of Kiev

Taras Kuzio, Financial Times: Viktor Yanukovich, Mr 50 Per Cent

Marta Dyczok, Hromadske Radio: Russia Slaps Sanctions On 13 Canadians

Yuliya Komska, on NH Public Radio: Crimea, Russian Aggression, & Ukraine’s Future: NH Reacts

Vitaly Chernetsky, on Kansas Public Radio: Washburn Panel Looks at Crimean-Ukrainian Stand-off

Other experts from Ukraine and beyond

Marc Champion, Bloomberg View: The Last Time Russia Didn’t Invade Ukraine 

Mykola Riabchuk, interview: There was no ‘referendum’ in Crimea, it was just a parody

Paul Goble, blog:

Aliona Kachkan, Transitions Online: Ukraine’s Metamorphosis, Protest by Protest


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