March 27-30

Catherine Wanner and others quoted in Washington Post: Conflict with Russia galvanizes Ukraine’s identity

William Risch, blog: Ukraine’s Embattled Far Right

Adrian Karatnycky:

Alexander Motyl, via CNN: Ukraine prepares for war

Taras Kuzio:

Serhy Yekelchyk, quoted in Business Recorder: History becomes political weapon in Ukraine-Russia crisis

Specialists from Ukraine and beyond

Rory Finnin, CRASSH: A Divided Ukraine: Europe’s Most Dangerous Idea

Vladimir Kravchenko, quoted in Al Jazeera: Why do Russians support Intervention in Ukraine?

Anders Aslund, blog: How Ukraine Can Use Sanctions to Counter Russia’s Aggression

Paul Goble, blog:

Iryna Chulivska, Ukrainska Pravda: Does Taking Russian TV off the Air in Ukraine Qualify as Censorship?

David Frum, the Atlantic: Ukraine’s Phantom Neo-Nazi Menace

Halya Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine:


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