April 15-17

Click links to author profiles and publications

Timothy Snyder, Eurozine: Europe and Ukraine: Past and future

Taras Kuzio, Atlantic Council: The Unthinkable Happens in Europe: Russia Invades Ukraine

Marta Dyczok, CTV News: Ukrainian Government’s Ultimatum – Pro-Russian Separatists Ordered to Disarm

Adrian Karatnycky, quoted in Voice of America: Kyiv: Russian Banks Fund Separatists

Yuliya Komska, Pacific Standard: Can the Kremlin’s Bizarre Sci-Fi Stories Tell Us What Russia Really Wants?

Roman Szporluk, Delo: Ukraine is a Child of Europe (in Slovenian)

Stephen Velychenko, letter in CriticAtac: Maidan or anti-Maidan – The Ukraine Situation Requires More Nuance

Publications by specialists in related fields in Ukraine and beyond

Halya Coynash, Al Jazeera: East Ukraine crisis and the ‘fascist’ matrix

Matthew Light & Maria Popova, Globe and Mail: The Kremlin, not language, is driving Ukraine apart

Maria Snegovaya, New Republic: Despite Pro-Russian Protests, Majority of Ukrainians Lean Toward Europe

Julia Ioffe, New Republic: Russia Has Basically Invaded Ukraine Again. Here’s Why Kiev Isn’t Shooting Back

Anne Applebaum, Slate: Putin’s New Kind of War

Lilia Shevtsova, The American Interest: The Putin Doctrine: Myth, Provocation, Blackmail, or the Real Deal?

Oksana Grytsenko, Kyiv Post: What drives the hate in eastern Ukraine

Andreas Umland:

Anders Aslund:

Paul Goble, blog:


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