Experts list; Latest from Geneva and Donetsk

NEW! Media contacts: EXPERTS ON UKRAINE & FAQs 04.18.2014

Marta Dyczok:

motyl msnbc Alexander Motyl, MSNBC:

William Risch, blog:

Adrian Karatnycky, MSNBC: “Glimmer of Hope” in Ukraine?

George O. Liber, Moscow Times: Why Ukraine’s May 25 Election is so Important

Stephen Velychenko, Historians in UA: Why Ukrainians Should Prefer a Neo-Liberal Capitalist EU to Putin’s Neo-Liberal Capitalist Eurasian Union

Nicholas Kristof, New York Times: In Dad’s Hometown, European Souls

Anton Shekhovtsov, blog: Russian and Pro-Russian Right-wing Terrorists Spreading Fear and Hate in Ukraine

Halya Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine:

Paul Goble, blog:


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