Geneva agreement crumbles

UPDATED scholars contact list: EXPERTS ON UKRAINE & FAQs 04.25.2014

Marta Dyczok:

dyczok ctv

Oleh Katsyuba, CCTV: Ukraine Gives Russia 48-Hour Deadline to Explain Drills

William Risch, blog:

donetsk flag

Alexander Motyl:

Adrian Karatnycky, quoted in JTA: Ukrainian Separatist TV Channel to Combat “Zionist Zombies”

Taras Kuzio, YouTube:

Erik Herron, blog: How – and Why – to Spoil and Election

Katya Soldak, Forbes: Vladimir Putin and His Bodyguard of Lies 

Rachel Maddow, Washington Post: Will U.S. Energy Companies Disrupt Obama’s Russia Policy?

Volodymyr Yermolenko, Eurozine: Dreams of Europe

Henry Nau, Deutsche Walle: NATO Should Act Now, Not Later

James Rupert & Irena Chalupa, Atlantic Council: Intelligence Chief: 100 Russian Officers Are Leading Ukraine’s Uprisings

Christian Caryl, Foreign Policy: Novorossiya is Back from the Dead

Halya Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine:

Paul Goble, blog:



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