Lead-up to Donbas referenda

Pew Research Poll: Despite concerns about governance, Ukrainians want to remain one country

Alexander Motyl, blog: Remembering the Red army and rape

Marta Dyczok:

Idil Izmirli, Jamestown Foundation: Mustafa Cemilev’s personality inspires Crimean Tatars to resist harassment from Russian authorities


William Risch, blog: Alleged Mariupol leaflet protests separatist referendum

Volodymyr Dubovyk: 

Marko Bojcun, blog: Did Putin blink?

Anton Shekhovtsov, Open Democracy: Extremism in South-Eastern Ukraine

Josh Cohen, Foreign Policy: Why Jews and Ukrainians have become unlikely allies

Taras Kuzio:

Julia Ioffe, New Republic: I’ll believe Putin is “de-escalating” in Ukraine when I see it

Gwendolyn Sasse, Carnegie Europe: The only chance to rebuild Ukraine

Halya Coynash:

Paul Goble, blog:

Edward Lucas, New Post Times: Putin’s defenders in the West ignore those who know Russia best


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