70th anniversary of Tatar deportation

Rim Gilfanov, Al Jazeera: Crimean Tatars – Embrace Russia or leave your homeland

Marta Dyczok, Hromadske Radio: Crimean Tatars’ deportation remembered in Toronto

tatar flag
Anne Applebaum, New Republic: Nationalism is exactly what Ukraine needs

Halya Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine:

United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights, report: UN report documents “alarming” deterioration in human rights in eastern Ukraine 

Alexander Motyl 

Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes: Separatists may be exaggerating Ukraine referendum turnout by 300%

Taras Kuzio, Financial Times blog: Ukraine’s poor set of choices 

Timothy Snyder, New Republic: The battle in Ukraine means everything 

Paul Goble, blog:


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