Petro Poroshenko wins presidency

Please help distribute to media:Statement of concerned scholars on the current predicament of the Crimean Tatars

Marta Dyczok:


Serhy Yekelchyk, OUP blog: History strikes back – Ukraine’s past and the current crisis

Nadiya Kravets, interview with RIA Novosti: Ukraine’s next president to face overwhelming task of comprehensive reform

Alexander Motyl, blog: Ukraine’s election exposes Putin’s lies

Volodymyr Kravchenko, CURF: Experts on Ukraine – All hands on deck! (Response to V. Goldstein “Why everything you’ve read about Ukraine is wrong”)

Bohdan Nahaylo, CURF: Ukraine’s presidential election hopes and blues

Halya Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine:

Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes: Poroshenko elected Ukraine president; Putin dodges promise to “respect” results

Nadia Diuk, US News & World Report: Ukraine is ready for a Poroshenko presidency

Taras Kuzio, Financial Times blog: Ukraine is moving overwhelmingly for Europe

Timothy Snyder:

Julia Ioffe, New Republic: Putin stirred up Donetsk, now he’s leaving its people high and dry

Paul Goble, blog:

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