Fight for Eastern Ukraine intensifies

Alexander Motyl, blog: The end of the Donbas?

flag rippers

Marta Dyczok:

Taras Kuzio, Open Democracy: Ukraine’s blackmail system

Mychailo Wynnyckyj, blog:

David Marples, blog: “King Coal” and the future of the Ukrainian Donbas

Anders Aslund, blog: Ukraine should insist on a viable gas agreement with Russia

Olexiy Haran, quoted in LA Times: 49 die as pro-Russia rebels down Ukraine army plane

Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe: Completing Ukraine’s revolution

Steven Beller & Ian Reifowitz, History News Network: The bright spot in the Ukraine crisis that nobody’s noticed

Dmitry Volchek, RFE/RL: “Luhansk will never be the same again” In Kyiv, a blogger reflects on his native city

Peter Pomerantsev, The Atlantic: Can Ukraine win its information war with Russia? 

Halya Coynash, Kharkiv Human Rights Group:

Paul Goble, blog:


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