ATO Gains in the Donbas

Special Issue of the Journal of DemocracyThe Maidan and Beyond. Essays by Lilia Shevtsova, Anders Aslund, Lucan Way, Serhiy Kudelia, Nadia Diuk, Olga Onuch, Sergii Leshchenko, Anton Shekhovtsov, and Andreas Umland

William Risch, blog: DNR Leadership in Flight?

Poroshenko Slovyansk

Serhiy Kudelia, PONARS Eurasia: What Expanded Presidential Powers Does Poroshenko Want?

Marta Dyczok, Public Radio Ukraine: DreamLand in Kyiv

Adrian Karatnycky, Wall Street Journal: Putin’s Ukraine Assault: In a Shambles but Far From Over

Alexander Motyl:

David Marples, Open Democracy: Long live the Donetsk People’s Republic!

Steven Pifer, Brookings Blog: Kyiv’s Atrocities? A More Nuanced Look at the Ukraine Crisis

Irene Chalupa, Human Rights in Ukraine: On the Search for the Disappeared in Eastern Ukraine

Halya Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine: Silence over Repression of Crimean Tatar Leader

Isis Wisdom, Voices of Ukraine: Ukrainian Jewish Leader Josef Zissels in Toronto: The Truth About Ukraine

Anders Aslund, blog: How to Amend the Ukrainian Constitution

Paul Goble, blog:

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