Serhii Plokhii, History, Harvard University

DR. SERHII PLOKHII is the Mykhailo Hrushevsky Professor of Ukrainian History at Harvard University. His research interests include the intellectual, cultural, and international history of Eastern Europe, with an emphasis on Ukraine. Dr. Plokhii teaches courses and seminars on early modern and modern East European history that engage major problems in the history of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Lithuania. He has authored The Cossack Myth: History and Nationhood in the Age of Empires Cambridge University Press (2012); Ukraine and Russia: Representations of the Past University of Toronto Press (2008); and The Origins of the Slavic Nations: Premodern Identities in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus Cambridge University Press (2006).

Biography compressed from Harvard University faculty profile

Interviews and editorials: 


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