Election Day

REMINDER! Resources for media: Ukraine FAQs and Expert Contacts

Adrian Karatnycky, New York Times: The Pushback in Ukraine

Marta Dyczok, CTV: Mood in Kyiv ‘focused but tense’

William Risch, blog:

Idil Izmirli, Atlantic Council: For Crimea’s Tatars, Russia’s Occupation is a ‘Third Tragedy’

Timothy Snyder, New York Review of Books: Ukraine: the edge of democracy

Katya Soldak, Forbes: Ahead Of Ukraine’s Presidential Election, Is Maidan Finished in Kyiv?

maidan sky

Alexander Motyl, blog: Why Germans are smitten with Putin

George Tuka, EuromaidanPR: About the Ukrainian army.. for all you armchair generals

Mychailo Wynnyckyj, blog: Thoughts from Kyiv, 23 May

Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes: Six Reasons Why Putin Seems To Have Lost In Eastern Ukraine

Taras Kuzio, Financial Times blog: Will the Willy Wonka of eastern Europe win Ukraine’s elections? 

Julia Ioffe, The New Republic: Inside the 11-Story Building That’s Calling Itself the People’s Republic of Donetsk

Cathy Young, Real Clear Politics: Fascism Comes to Ukraine — From Russia

Rory Finnin, University of Cambridge: The Crimean Tatar Sürgün: Past and Present

Halya Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine: Russia’s increasingly repressive grip on Crimea

Paul Goble, blog: Putin’s shift on Ukraine result of his visit to Beijing, Kazan editor says


70th anniversary of Tatar deportation

Rim Gilfanov, Al Jazeera: Crimean Tatars – Embrace Russia or leave your homeland

Marta Dyczok, Hromadske Radio: Crimean Tatars’ deportation remembered in Toronto

tatar flag
Anne Applebaum, New Republic: Nationalism is exactly what Ukraine needs

Halya Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine:

United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights, report: UN report documents “alarming” deterioration in human rights in eastern Ukraine 

Alexander Motyl 

Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes: Separatists may be exaggerating Ukraine referendum turnout by 300%

Taras Kuzio, Financial Times blog: Ukraine’s poor set of choices 

Timothy Snyder, New Republic: The battle in Ukraine means everything 

Paul Goble, blog:

Lead-up to Donbas referenda

Pew Research Poll: Despite concerns about governance, Ukrainians want to remain one country

Alexander Motyl, blog: Remembering the Red army and rape

Marta Dyczok:

Idil Izmirli, Jamestown Foundation: Mustafa Cemilev’s personality inspires Crimean Tatars to resist harassment from Russian authorities


William Risch, blog: Alleged Mariupol leaflet protests separatist referendum

Volodymyr Dubovyk: 

Marko Bojcun, blog: Did Putin blink?

Anton Shekhovtsov, Open Democracy: Extremism in South-Eastern Ukraine

Josh Cohen, Foreign Policy: Why Jews and Ukrainians have become unlikely allies

Taras Kuzio:

Julia Ioffe, New Republic: I’ll believe Putin is “de-escalating” in Ukraine when I see it

Gwendolyn Sasse, Carnegie Europe: The only chance to rebuild Ukraine

Halya Coynash:

Paul Goble, blog:

Edward Lucas, New Post Times: Putin’s defenders in the West ignore those who know Russia best

Russian separatists continue rampage

Media Resources: The American Association for Ukrainian Studies has posted the Experts on Ukraine & FAQs on Ukraine Crisis. It’s also on the main page of Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute. Please share!


Timothy Snyder, The Guardian: Russia’s propaganda war is a danger for Ukraine’s Jews

A Jewish man attends the morning prayer at a synagogue in Donetsk, Ukraine.

David Marples, blog: The war over Ukraine

Alexander Motyl

Marta Dyczok:

William Risch, blog:


Idil P. Izmirli, Jamestown Foundation: Crimean and Russian Authorities Ban Leader of Crimean Tatars From His Homeland

Rory Finnin, blog: An update on the Ukraine

Patricia Herlihy, Los Angeles Times: What Vladimir Putin chooses not to know about Russian history

Lubomyr Luciuk, Kyiv Post: Ukraine’s passion

Halya Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine:

Paul Goble, blog:


Geneva agreement crumbles

UPDATED scholars contact list: EXPERTS ON UKRAINE & FAQs 04.25.2014

Marta Dyczok:

dyczok ctv

Oleh Katsyuba, CCTV: Ukraine Gives Russia 48-Hour Deadline to Explain Drills

William Risch, blog:

donetsk flag

Alexander Motyl:

Adrian Karatnycky, quoted in JTA: Ukrainian Separatist TV Channel to Combat “Zionist Zombies”

Taras Kuzio, YouTube:

Erik Herron, blog: How – and Why – to Spoil and Election

Katya Soldak, Forbes: Vladimir Putin and His Bodyguard of Lies 

Rachel Maddow, Washington Post: Will U.S. Energy Companies Disrupt Obama’s Russia Policy?

Volodymyr Yermolenko, Eurozine: Dreams of Europe

Henry Nau, Deutsche Walle: NATO Should Act Now, Not Later

James Rupert & Irena Chalupa, Atlantic Council: Intelligence Chief: 100 Russian Officers Are Leading Ukraine’s Uprisings

Christian Caryl, Foreign Policy: Novorossiya is Back from the Dead

Halya Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine:

Paul Goble, blog:


Experts list; Latest from Geneva and Donetsk

NEW! Media contacts: EXPERTS ON UKRAINE & FAQs 04.18.2014

Marta Dyczok:

motyl msnbc Alexander Motyl, MSNBC:

William Risch, blog:

Adrian Karatnycky, MSNBC: “Glimmer of Hope” in Ukraine?

George O. Liber, Moscow Times: Why Ukraine’s May 25 Election is so Important

Stephen Velychenko, Historians in UA: Why Ukrainians Should Prefer a Neo-Liberal Capitalist EU to Putin’s Neo-Liberal Capitalist Eurasian Union

Nicholas Kristof, New York Times: In Dad’s Hometown, European Souls

Anton Shekhovtsov, blog: Russian and Pro-Russian Right-wing Terrorists Spreading Fear and Hate in Ukraine

Halya Coynash, Human Rights in Ukraine:

Paul Goble, blog:

April 15-17

Click links to author profiles and publications

Timothy Snyder, Eurozine: Europe and Ukraine: Past and future

Taras Kuzio, Atlantic Council: The Unthinkable Happens in Europe: Russia Invades Ukraine

Marta Dyczok, CTV News: Ukrainian Government’s Ultimatum – Pro-Russian Separatists Ordered to Disarm

Adrian Karatnycky, quoted in Voice of America: Kyiv: Russian Banks Fund Separatists

Yuliya Komska, Pacific Standard: Can the Kremlin’s Bizarre Sci-Fi Stories Tell Us What Russia Really Wants?

Roman Szporluk, Delo: Ukraine is a Child of Europe (in Slovenian)

Stephen Velychenko, letter in CriticAtac: Maidan or anti-Maidan – The Ukraine Situation Requires More Nuance

Publications by specialists in related fields in Ukraine and beyond

Halya Coynash, Al Jazeera: East Ukraine crisis and the ‘fascist’ matrix

Matthew Light & Maria Popova, Globe and Mail: The Kremlin, not language, is driving Ukraine apart

Maria Snegovaya, New Republic: Despite Pro-Russian Protests, Majority of Ukrainians Lean Toward Europe

Julia Ioffe, New Republic: Russia Has Basically Invaded Ukraine Again. Here’s Why Kiev Isn’t Shooting Back

Anne Applebaum, Slate: Putin’s New Kind of War

Lilia Shevtsova, The American Interest: The Putin Doctrine: Myth, Provocation, Blackmail, or the Real Deal?

Oksana Grytsenko, Kyiv Post: What drives the hate in eastern Ukraine

Andreas Umland:

Anders Aslund:

Paul Goble, blog: